Many of the diseases, treated in the PAS®-center, share the common feature that they are disorders where we directly can establish that a wrong position and compression of the column is involved in diverse symptoms. These diseases and symptoms we can treat with good results.

Below is mentioned a few examples of chronic conditions:

  1. We have good experiences with the treatment of localized muscle pain syndromes, including pain localized to neck, loin and back; such as lumbago, schiatica, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow and tenosynovitis; and with pelvic joint pain (symphysis pubis dysfunction). 
  1. Within the past years, we have had good results with treatment of generalized muscle pain syndromes with accompanying general symptoms/ symptoms of back compression, where the medical diagnoses have been fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome. Our experience this far is that increased tension in the large back stretchers causing wrong positions in the column has a great significance for these diseases’ symptomatology. The treatment relaxes the long back stretchers and at the same time the anterior muscles groups are strengthened. Hereby the vertebral column’s normal curvature around the plumb line is reestablished. During treatment, we have in several incidents observed the total ceasing or a significant decrease of not only the muscle pain but also the accompanying disabling fatigue. This is confirmed by the research, where 15 patients with the above mentioned symptoms were treated according to the above mentioned principals. The result is obtained after two years follow up.  
  1. Good effects of treatment of secondary muscle changes by chronic inflammatory connective tissue diseases. 
  1. Furthermore, it is our experience that the treatment has a prophylactic effect to particularly exposed groups in the development of degenerative arthritis. Especially in the case of children around puberty with rapid growth, developing kyphosis or kyphoscoliosis (mb. Scheuermann); farmers with hard physical labor, who have malalignments in the hip joint, and athletes with strong muscle groups, causing joint loading. By unloading the increased cartilage pressure, normal nutrition is reestablished and degenerative changes reduced or avoided. 
  1. Patients with chronic headache (migraine) and patients with tinnitus (ringing of the ears) have clearly had relieving effect of massage treatment with subsequent decrease or stop in use of medicine.