PAS® by Aktiv Form is a treatment and training center located in Odense, Denmark.

We treat all kinds of diseases using the principles of the patented Proprioceptive Activation System (PAS).

PAS® by Aktiv Form was founded more than 38 years ago by Per Gjeding and since then he has further developed the concept and patented it.

At the center we provide professional treatment and training with both individual training and fitness programs using both fitness machines and gymnastics classes that are 100% adapted to the principles of PAS.


Per Gjeding

Per Gjeding is the founder and CEO of PAS® by Aktiv Form.

Per is originally educated as a confectioner and a butcher and in his youth he was an enthusiastic gymnast  

At 21 he was hit by a drunk driver and paralized from the waist sown. He was in a wheel chair for many years and was told by doctors that there were no treatment that could restore his mobility in full.

Per had a hard time accepting this fact and therefore he started studying the anatomy and functions of the human body an gradually learned how the body works.

Over a number of year Per managed to recover his mobility by applying what is now the principles of PAS. Thanks to this and years of hard rehabilitation Per was able to stand, walk, and run.

This became the start of PAS® by Aktiv Form that since then has been continuously developed in close collaboration with doctors and real-life experience treating thousands of people.

Per has devoted his life to helping others, both adults and children, to overcome numerous deceases and chronical pain conditions, etc. and helped them regain the full function of their body.

Erik Jørgensen

Erik Jørgensen

Erik was first certified as a PAS Specialist back in 1996 and worked at PAS by Aktiv Form for 8 years. Erik then decided to become an independent specialist and worked as such for 14 years.

In 2018 Per and Erik re-engaged and Erik got updated on the many developments in the PAS treatment system and got so excited about this that he decided to rejoin PAS by Aktiv Form.

Greta Toft

Greta Toft

Greta is the receptionist at the PAS Center. Here she’s answering the phone and is taking care of all the people that pass through the Center every day.

During the last 30 year Greta has worked with her husband in their own business and she has known Per Gjeding for more than 20 year.

Greate enjoys meeting all the happy and positive people in the PAS Center