Welcome to PAS® by Aktiv Form

For the past 38 years we have helped thousands of people to improve their quality of life by providing treatment, training, and education to our clients using the patented PAS® by Aktiv Form treatment system.  

PAS® by Aktiv Form is a revolutionary way to holistically diagnose, treat, and train the body by re-establishing the natural communication between the body and mind.

 Welcome to PAS by Aktiv Form

Our Clients Are Our Best Ambassadors

Meet Greta. Greta is our Receptionist and she always does her very best to welcome everyboby at PAS by Aktiv Form.

Every day we help people get a better quality of life without pain and disabilities. Our clients regularly share their experiences on our Facebook page.

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What is Pas® by Aktiv Form?

PAS is a patented treatment and training system. Read more about how it works and the principles behind it.

What Can Be Treated with PAS® by Aktiv Form?

We treat a wide range of diseases using Pas® by Aktiv Form



One of the best way to understand PAS® by Aktiv Form is to see how it has helped others

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